When to expect A Reveal

It’s that time again. After almost a year away, Liars returns tonight for its final ten episodes.

I truly believe the big Spencer reveal will come in this upcoming ep “In the Eye Abides the Heart” ep15….. As I have stated before
Troian will be directing an upcoming episode ‘In the eye abides the heart’ – I googled that phrase and turns out it was a song Mona sang in Radley s3,ep3, so I watched the clip and what jumped out at me was the camera shows Mona gripping a playing card while singing this song – the card is The Queen of Hearts – any coincidence to Spencer previously dressing as Mary Queen of Scots at Halloween? Mary Queen of Scots was found guilty of plotting to assassinate her cousin Queen Elizabeth and was executed. Spencer is Mary Drakes daughter, which guess what – makes Ali her cousin!

I think either Mona will confirm (with proof) what she always knew- Spencer is Uber A with personality disorder …. or, her and Spencer are related.

I correctly called it that Spencer is Mary Drakes daughter and I think A.D is Spencer’s real name = Arlene Drake is Spencer’s birth name! Spencer is Uber A – she has a split personality, we’ve seen it throughout the show, Spencer having difficulty with reality- often seeing two reflections of her.

In Hanna’s dream – most people noticed Spencer’s bangs were gone when she appeared in Hanna ‘dream’ BUT, if it was a dream by Hanna – how did she know A was now going by A.D? Hanna was already kidnapped when the gang got that text.

I think Spencer blackmailed Peter & Melissa to get money to fund her Uber A activities.

d7f71b17-1490-42dc-8f88-a4bd1d69558d.jpgThe film noir episode revealed more than we realized. One of the best episodes ever on Tv, the film Noir episode all centred around everyone telling Spencer she has all the pieces just put it together , she told Ali that she was ‘hiding in plain sight. (see below)


And is even taunted by A.D. with the same warning.


I do believe Wren is helping Spencer – whether she knows it or not, they could b related (creepy) I hope they don’t make Spencer have an Evil Twin 😔 if she has a semi functional twin it’s Mona – Mona always knows what Spencer up to n always talking in riddles with her . Please let it be a fab ending to a truly Fab show 🙏



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