Spencer IS UBER A

Spencer is Mary Drakes daughter, her name is probably Arlene Drake – A.D (I will explain) Spencer Hastings is also Uber A, if the show decides not to end the show this way, then it will be truly one of the most disappointing ways to back out of a great ending for a great character – for a great show. Like all PLL theory’s, there are gaps in this as its impossible to get a rock solid theory on this show – its why we love it, keeps us guessing. (I apologise in advance that I have not been able to re-watch every single episode) There is so much more I can write on Spencer being Uber A or having an evil twin (please don’t do that story line, I think Spencer has split personality disorder)

The show has set Spencer up to be Uber A whether knowingly or not, a lot of fans suspected Spencer as A on and off – but it seemed like they kind of wrapped that story after season 4. However s7 Spencer heartbroken and sad got her on my radar again especially after s7 ep 7 where the Liars find ‘Mrs Di Laurentis’ lair and as it explode someone writes on the back window of their car ‘I see you’. This of course reminds us of Camp Mona ep in s1 where Hanna see’s Noel Kahn write ‘I See You’ while spying on Ezria making out. I have to give credit to this fan’s awesome theory also on the Spencer is A subject; http://the-outlast.tumblr.com/post/141946696812/never-trust-a-pretty-girl-with-an-ugly-secret  @ifuseektroian



Mary Queen of Scots

She referenced Mary Queen of Scots that Spencer dressed as in the first Halloween ep, my friend Al had just text me that Troian will be directing an upcoming episode ‘In the eye abides the heart’ – I googled that phrase and turns out it was a song Mona sang in Radley s3,ep3, so I watched the clip and what jumped out at me was the camera shows Mona gripping a playing card while singing this song  – the card is The Queen of Hearts – any coincidence to Spencer previously dressing as Mary Queen of Scots at Halloween? Mary Queen of Scots was found guilty of plotting to assassinate her cousin Queen Elizabeth and was executed. Spencer is Mary Drakes daughter, which guess what – makes Ali her cousin!

Ian and the original A

I think Spencer was the original A, I believe she was trying to bully Ali – it seemed throughout most of s1 that Spencer was in love with Ian (until she wasn’t). She confesses to the girls about her kissing Ian and how Ali basically slut shamed her about it, after Melissa and Ian broke up Spencer and Ian start seeing each other, but we know he was definitely seeing Ali too – was that what pushed Spencer over the edge and she started sending Ali threating texts to scare her off, it seems like Ali didn’t really want him but she didn’t want to Spencer to have him either. In the season finale when Ian and Spencer were wrestling in the bell tower, he never once said he did anything to Ali and he actually accused Spencer of hurting her, he also implied that Melissa was scared of Spencer as that’s why he was doing this (wrestling her sister?) because he loved Melissa. Its also worth noting when Spencer pawned Melissa’s ring and went to pick it up A had left a horse shoe for Spencer, which later they found Ian dead in a barn, with a missing horse shoe on the wall, what stands out is the way Spencer and Wren look at each other when they see Ian dead, they didn’t look shocked, maybe they both suspect each other?


Mona always seems to know more than she lets on.Mona has always feared and respected Spencer  – and vice versa. Why did Mona reveal herself to Spencer in her lair in s2 e25? She didn’t have to, I think Mona thought she was revealing herself to the original mastermind and together they could be the ultimate A team, if you re-watch their fight at the edge of the cliff it appears Spencer actually kinda throws Mona’s arm away….hhhmmm…As mentioned above Mona in Radley (pic below)singing ‘In the eye abides the heart’.(upcoming episode directed by Troian) Mona is holding a card of the Queen of Hearts (Scots)


When Mona comes to see Spencer in s4 in Radley the tells her she’s as sane as she is, she also tells Spencer ‘she has all the pieces’ (this stood out for me as later in S4 in the Film Noir ep20 Shadow Play both Toby and Ali say the same thing to Spencer about having all the pieces) Mona also tells Spencer she’s as sane as Mona is.

Radley – when Dr Sullivan comes to see Spencer at Radley, she says ‘Spencer’ and Spencer turns around and says ‘Olli Olli Oxen Free’ – which is a catch phrased used in children’s games such as hide and seek (which Spencer happens to mentions was her favourite game with her sister) This phrase is later sent in an A message in s4 ep 15; ‘Olli Olli Oxen Free’. Also, while at Radley, Spencer finds one of Mona’s fake ID, please check out her alias name its Ali Dee (A.D) – remember Mona left that for Spencer she gave her a puzzle on the board game in Radley and Spencer followed her directions and came across this is the creepy kids room at Radley (Ali was also there talking with Spencer – was she there?). Mona like Spencer is a wealthy genius, she needs puzzles and games to keep her entertained – telling her all this would just be far too easy and boring!

Also at Radley we see both Spencer and Mona playing piano, but not too long after Spencer gets out of Radley, Toby gets a gift from A of sheet music that his Mother used to play him, she was also at Radley, I’ve often wondered does Toby know on some level Spencer is not well, but he is hugely sympathetic because of this Mothers mental issues.


It struck me how often either tells or threatens people about who she really is – but does it in the most non threatening way so it goes un-noticed. She told Jason she killed Ali in S2! When Jason (played by previous actor) comes back for Ali’s memorial, he and Spencer talk about the memorial, Spencer is annoyed that Jenna is getting to speak at it. Jason tells Spencer she is the only one that ever stood up to Ali, and he always thought it would end in a physical fight, with out taking a breath Spencer says ‘who do you think killed Ali’ – if you take the emphasis off it  being a question, then it can definitely be a statement – as in, ‘who do ya think killed her’? Its like she’s telling him.

She has told Toby before she’s not the person he thinks she is, and she has said this many times to her family.


Ever since s7 ep when Mary and Spencer had that weird cup of tea late at night it looked like they were setting it up that Spencer was Mary’s daughter. It would explain a few things, Spencer always felt like the black sheep of the Hastings, Spencer physically looks like her brother/cousin Jason and Ali and CeCe! (dimple chins). Did Mary Drake pretend to be Jessica and sleep with Peter again, and that’s why she was ruined and ended up back in Radley, if Spencer was born in Radley might explain her strange calmness about being there as a patient and visitor. I also think Spencer’s real name is Arlene Drake, remember when Emily was drugged first ep of s3 (probably by Spencer) Aria later told Emily she was out of it, she called her Arlene. Arlene is the French female version of CHARLES! yes Cece was Charles and Spencer is Arlene.


Every time the Liars have computer issues they generally turn to Caleb, well Spencer cant reveal all her tricks to them – as often if she doesn’t actually solve a clue she spoonfeeds the liars enough info until one of them gets it, but they all bring computer problems to Caleb. When Spencer joined Mona’s A team in order to find Toby, she was clearly hacking and coding for Mona – yet that’s something we’ve never seen her do in details to the Liars. That of course is because she has been one of a few A’s who’s been controlling and loosing the A game over the years but when she’s been running it she would have needed to hack their phones and computers, maybe even Emilys car in s4 when they were very close to rescuing Ali at the Busy Bee B&B – it  always seemed like Spencer never really wanted Ali to come back and she ruined the chance when Emily met with Ali in private as soon as Ali saw Spencer she ran. Also, in s7 ep7 when they run out of the lair and Spencer’s car is acting up I didn’t believe for 1 minute that Spencer would not know how to fix it, she needed the lair gone. Anywho, here we see some one hacking and coding for Mona, its later revealed in that ep that Spencer joined A team to find Toby and she tells him she found him as Mona left her alone in the A lair – so that was defo Spencer!


People are afraid of Spencer

I’m conscious I am writing a lot, over the seasons we have seen the following people be afraid of Spencer:

  • Melissa (constantly –  tho, she’s super shady herself)
  • Her Parents
  • Ali
  • MRS Di Laurentis
  • Ezra – (he was/is super creepy)
  • Mona – Evil genius
  • Gareth – dead –  (before he died on the train its almost like he was asking her forgiveness for playing with fire and can he leave town and he’ll never come back)
  • Ian – dead
  • Jenna – blind but often remarked that Spencer’s not right and Ali was afraid of her
  • Shana – it looked like Spencer warned her she could be next after Jenna was pulled from the lake



Piano and Dr Palmer – he’s the retired doctor who treated Tobys Ma at Radley, spencer and toby went to see him to get answers and she played the piano and he thought Spencer was Toby’s Ma – maybe he recognised Spencer but mixed up names and so on, whats interesting is he called her Mrs Di Laurentis on his way out, or was he just confused – or does Spencer remind him of Jessica/Mary. There is so much more I can write on Spencer being Uber A or having an evil twin (please don’t do that story line, I think Spencer has split personality disorder)




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